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Alston Drive, Bradwell
Abbey, MK13 9AP
Tel: +44[0]1908 227229


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History of MKCDC

City Discovery Centre Ltd is a charitable company limited by guarantee and was set up in July 1987. It is governed by a memorandum and articles of association which were last amended on 15 January 1998. The present organisation represents an amalgamation of two earlier bodies: the Milton Keynes Urban Studies Centre (focussed upon urban environmental education, including history and geography) and the Bradwell Abbey Field Centre Trust (focussed upon history, archaeology and the natural environment).


Sculpture in the Bradwell Abbey grounds


Since 1992, City Discovery Centre has been based at the ancient site of Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes. In 1997, CDC was given a 25-year lease on the 5 hectare site which is owned by the Milton Keynes Council.