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Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre offers interactive history learning inspired by the rich heritage of Milton Keynes.



This active day long programme uses role-play and hands-on learning to explore pre-historic technologies and art, meet an Iron-age character and discovery what everyday life was like.


Technology, Handling Presentation

Stone age and Iron age tools and weapons from flint napped to metal casting.

Iron age person, Meet the re-enactor

Find out what life was like in Iron age Britain. How they lived, ate and what they wore, what entertainment they had.

Boudicca, Role play

Discover how the Romans came to Britain, the effect it had and the story of the Iceni Queen who tried to defend her people and her culture.

Pre-historical Art, Creative workshop

From cave art to metallic jewellery, have a go at being your own pre-historic artist.


Roman Day

Fun & interactive. The pupils meet a Roman solider, role-play in a Roman banquet and visit the remains of a Roman villa. Learn how the Romans shaped Britain through dressing up and object handling.


Banquet, Role play

Become an honoured guest or slave in a Roman household and marvel at the strange dishes you would have eaten. Discover the class system, foods, clothing, beliefs and stories.


Roman Soldier, Meet the re-enactor

In full Roman Military dress, find out about life in the military.

Technology, Handling Presentation

Handle objects and compare Roman technology with ours today.

Bancroft Roman Villa, Fieldwork trip

Explore the remains of Bancroft Roman villa, and compare it to your own home, find out what it was like to live in a roman villa.



Enjoy a day as an Anglo-Saxon writing in Runes, playing ‘Riddle Strifes’ and interactive storytelling. By experiencing parts of everyday life pupils gain a greater understanding of this period.


Riddle Strife, Role play

Have a go at what the Anglo Saxon did for fun, and pit your wits. Looking at the Epic Sagas, Kennings and riddles.

Why was Alfred great? Interactive Storytelling Session

Discover who Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons were, and what life was like. Learn about the battles and the Danelaw.

Name that place, Workshop

Find out about Anglo-Saxon words that we still use today and the origins of many familiar place names. Learn how to read and write in Runes.

Art for Home and Heroes, Creative workshop

Create a Anglo-Saxon style pinch pot and decorate it in a traditional style or try your hand at making your own shield ready to become a warrior.



This day uses the unique surroundings of Bradwell Abbey to take your pupils into the murky world of the medieval era. With sessions that exploring monastic life and guided access to the religious wall paintings in St Mary’s Chapel, this day really brings the period to life.


A Monks Life, Meet the re-enactor

A look at daily life the on priory site of Bradwell Abbey.

Monarchs and Milton Keynes, Presentation

Discover the local links with the Kings and Queens throughout this era

Medicine and Manners, Handling Presentation

An interactive session exploring daily life in Medieval England.

Magna Carta, Creative workshop

Looking at the literary artwork of the period and the events that brought about the need for the Magna Carta; why it happened, what it meant and means today. Then create your own.


Tudor Day

This visit immerses pupils in the key themes and figures of the Tudor period. Pupils meet a barber surgeon and naval seadog to tackle topics such as crime and punishment and medicine and health. On request, we also include crime and punishment, and medicine and health.


Monarchy, Murder & Mayhem, Interactive presentation

The who's who of Tudor times

Crime and Punishment, Interactive presentation

Discover what laws Tudors lived by and how order was kept.

Medicine, Role play

Find out what illnesses and cures you might have experienced and what they did with witches.

Household, Handling and interactive presentation

Handle period objects, dance and sing while you learn about class, food and clothes.

All at Sea, Meet the Re-enactor

Find out about the Tudors love of exploration, pirates and sea battles.



From Monarchy to government and people’s power, the gunpowder plot, highwaymen and witches, the Stuarts time line is filled with adventure, so our Stuarts day is too.


Civil war, Meet the re-enactor

Discover why it happened and how it affected the local area.

What, no Christmas? Interactive presentation

How everyday life and customs changed between Kings and Cromwell’s governance.

Highwaymen and Witches, Role play

Exploring what happened to those who lived outside society’s rules.

Don't lose your head, Interactive Storytelling

Hear about the Gunpowder plot, why Charles the 1st lost his head, and the decadence of the Restoration.


Our City, Past & Present

We tailor a day that takes your pupils through time.

Our Three Bradwells day covers medieval, Norman and Victorian times and more to understand those eras and how they shaped this area.

Our Stony Stratford Sovereign Stories fieldtrip uses storytelling to bring the past to life and connect our local to some of the most significant moments in English history.