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"Wow - it's so important to take learning out of the classroom, the children just remember and engage so much more this way!" Year 5 teacher, Milton Keynes.

KS 1 & 2

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre provides an educational programme that goes beyond meeting the National Curriculum requirements to promote active learning through hands-on and immersive sessions. We plan our programmes to be interactive, whether it's dressing up, handling objects or getting out to do field work - feedback tells us that this leads to learning that children remember for years to come.


"Brilliant - exactly what I was looking for. A focused day of field of field investigation to get my pupils ready for controlled assessment. We'll be back next year!" GCSE geography teacher, South London.


KS 3 & 4

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre offers an educational programme tailored to the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 & 4. Aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and understanding needed in preparation for and during GCSEs, our programmes maintain an emphasis on hands-on learning and fieldwork investigation. Our field study days are suitable for large groups and are particularly well adapted for groups preparing for controlled assessment. Talk to us about your title for this year.


Most of our sessions can be adapted across key-stages, please contact our Education Officer for more details.




Pre-visit planning

Meet the MKCDC Education Officer and see how we can benefit and support your program of study through multi-sensory and cross-curricular learning. Discuss what sort of visit would be most suitable for your class, and how using the centre can complement classroom teaching. Explore the programme of packages we offer, or enquire about a bespoke session. Tour the Archive & Reference Library and find out what resources are available for your use. Look at the logistics of a visit and how we can help make the process easier.


These sessions are 4-5pm, once a term. Contact us to book a place.


Taster Tours

Come and view the site and facilities, including the Archive & Reference Library. Learn about the history of the site, the MKCDC ethos and commitment to learning. Take an in-depth look at the packages we offer and how these can benefit you and your students.


These tours are held 4-5pm, once a term. Contact us to book a place.


In-Schools Sessions

As well as site-based visits, we can bring some sessions into your classroom. If you are within an hour's drive from Milton Keynes we can arrange in-school visits. Talk with the Education Officer about this.


Education Packs

To supplement a visit to MKCDC these packs are tailored to each of our topics and contain a plethora of activities and resources for both pre and post visit.


Special Educational Needs

We are pleased to welcome special school groups and students with special needs in mainstream schools. We can adapt our programme of sessions to include multi-sensory experiences and make and create sessions. Taste and smell food and drink from history; touch objects and clothes from the past; hear music and stories our ancestors might have listened to, and see a world of difference. Please inform us in advance if you have special needs students as part of a mainstream school visit. We offer small groups from Special Educational Needs School a reduced minimum charge. Talk to us about your needs when you book.