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Bradwell Abbey,Alston
Drive, MK13 9AP
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Children's Activities

Build your Own City - MK Birthday Weekend


Celebrate Milton Keynes’ birthday weekend by coming to a free craft workshop where you can design and build your own city or your favourite bits of MK!


This free workshop is being run by Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre at Bradwell Abbey at 11:00 to 15:00 on Sunday, 21st January 2018.


The crafts are being run by Milton Keynes Play Association and will include Build MK in a box and Mosaics. Children will be able to take their masterpieces home with them if they/you want.


Bradwell Abbey was the venue in August for an afternoon of Roman fun.


A Roman soldier showed the amazing weapons and armour needed to conquer barbarians and build their empire. Then visitors could put it all into practice and see if they had what it takes to be a Soldier in the Legions of Rome when "Fatalis" showed them how to march and follow commands, just like the Roman soldiers who invaded 2,000 years ago.


Meanwhile, you could also play Roman board games or have a go at making your very own shield!


Wednesday 23rd August 2017, 1.30 - 4.00 pm