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The Chapel of St Mary: a guide

Text: Nadia Witkowski

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, [2011]. 36pp pbk.

This is a great in-depth look at the history of the Chapel and its unique medieval wall paintings.



If you would like to order a copy of The Chapel of St Mary please download a copy of the order form and return, with payment, to the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre.


Guide front cover


We hope that this booklet will help to elevate the wall paintings of St Mary's chapel at Bradwell Abbey to their proper place within the landscape of English medieval church decoration. The paintings are unique in portraying a group of contemporary men and women kneeling at the end of their pilgrimage to offer gifts at a shrine. The chapel offers us a wonderful relic of Milton Keynes' medieval past; an important piece of evidence for the uses and function of the chapel; and a revealing glimpse of medieval pilgrimage in general.


This booklet places the paintings in their historical context, with comparisons drawn from other local and national survivals. You will find general introductions to medieval pilgrimage and wall painting, as well as an outline of the conventions of Christian imagery, to better aid an understanding of the iconography, narrative and function of the paintings





Medieval wall painting

Medieval pilgrimage

The paintings

The North wall

The South wall

The East wall