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Fast Forward: City Planning in a Hyper Dynamic Age

Editors: Shi Nan and Chris Gossop

This edition of the ISOCARP Review is about the extremes of development and the planning response to them. Fast Forward addresses the realities of those extremes and the ways in which different countries and individual cities have sought to cope with them. It features a chapter, Milton Keynes, UK: an exemplary new city outpacing its peers, by John Best and David Hackforth.

(ISOCARP Review 08)

International Society of City and Regional Planners, 2012. pbk 322 pp, illus. ISBN 978 94 90354 16 9



If you would like to order a copy of Fast Forward please download a copy of the order form and return, with payment, to the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre.


Fast Forward front cover



Foreword One Ismael Fernández Mejía

Foreword Two Andrei Golovin

Editorial Shi Nan and Chris Gossop

Introductory Essay. Rapid Urban Change Demands a Theory, Tools and a 'Fast Forward' Planning - An Essay Stefan Rau


Part One. Asia: A Continent of Fast Forward Economies

Hyper and Dynamic Growth in the ASEAN Region and the Emerging Strategy for Bintan Eco-Island (Indonesia) Alfonso Vegara, Mark Dwyer & Maki Kawaguchi

Urbanization and Human Settlements Development in China Mao Qizhi

Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region: Planning in a Hyper-Dynamic Context Jimmy C.F. Leung

The New Macau: Challenge and Opportunity in the Wave of Hyper Development Pui Si Natalie Hon

Rapid Urbanization in India: Fissures in Fast Growth Kavas Kapadia

Spatial Trends of Metro Manila during a Period of Rapid Change Arturo G. Corpuz


Part Two. Planning for the Unpredictable

Disaster is the New Norm Edward J. Blakely


Part Three. Europe: Different Experience

High Speed Suburban Decline. The Case of Cities in Eastern Germany Johann Jessen

Urban Transformation, Change, Opportunities. The Case of Nuremberg West, Germany Nadia Alaily-Mattar, Alain Thierstein & Agnes Förster

Eindhoven, 'City as a Lab' - 'Brain-field' for a New Generation Cees Donkers

Milton Keynes, UK: An Exemplary New City Outpacing its Peers John Best & David Hackforth

Towards Sustainability in European Cities - Contrasts between the Overall Effects of European Union Policies and Achievements at the Level of Individual Cities Pierre Laconte


Part Four. Russia: A Country in Transition

Urban Development and Town Planning Policy in Modern Russia Nadezhda Kosareva & Alexander Puzanov

Searching for the Russian Dream: Compression or Expansion of Russia's Living Space? Fedor Kudryavtsev

Moscow Agglomeration Development. The 2012 International Urban Competition Alexander Kolontay


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