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Impression Milton Keynes

Between 2009 and 2011, Victoria Lamburn worked on a project photographing the new town of Milton Keynes.

Victoria J K Lamburn

Foreword by Professor Derek Walker

VL Publishing, 2011. 160pp col. illus. pbk. ISBN 978-0-9570199-0-4



If you would like to order a copy of Impression Milton Keynes please download a copy of the order form and return, with payment, to the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre.


Impression Milton Keynes front cover


Impression Milton Keynes is the result of a almost three year project photographing the English new city of Milton Keynes: its people, landscape and architecture, traversing the entire 34 square miles of the city area in that time and recording everyday life and scenes. Told as a dawn to dusk journey, Impression Milton Keynes records what ultimately is an ordinary day, but if it has any meaning at all it is just to say that the everyday can be exciting, intriguing and surprising.


It might be an unusual choice of project to many, but for the Victoria it was a fascinating piece of documentary work studying the everyday in all of its situations. It proved to be a lot more interesting than just concrete cows and roundabouts!



Foreword Derek Walker