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MK50: a new city comes to life

Edited by Cheryl Butler, Sarah Chard-Cooper and Catherine McIntyre


On 23rd January 2017 Milton Keynes celebrated its 50th anniversary. Starting the 50th birthday celebrations a major exhibition was held from 10th to 23rd January in Middleton Hall, centre:mk shopping centre.


This book brings together many elements of the exhibition and is based on its information and exhibits.


Heritage MK, 2017. 199pp colour illus. ISBN 978 1 5272 1318 0



If you would like to order a copy of MK50 please download a copy of the order form and return, with payment, to the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre.


MK50 front cover



Celebrating fifty years of Milton Keynes

Before Milton Keynes

How Milton Keynes was built

1975 and 2017 city maps

Housing in Milton Keynes

Wolverton: 1975 and 2017 maps

Community life

North Milton Keynes: 1975 and 2017 maps

Central Milton Keynes: 1982 aerial photograph

Green spaces in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Village: 1975, 1978 and 2017 maps and aerial photograph

Transport in MK

Furzton and West Bletchley: 1986 aerial photograph

Furzton and the Shenleys: 1975 and 2017 maps

Sport in Milton Keynes

Business in Milton Keynes

What might have been

South Milton Keynes: 1975, 1980 and 2017 maps and aerial photograph

The people's story

50 years on …

Heritage MK