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The Plan for Milton Keynes

The original plan for the development of Milton Keynes as conceived by the consultant team including planners Llewelyn- Davies Weeks Forestier-Walker & Bor. Volume one describes the background and approach, volume two describes the evidence leading to the proposals. Includes strategic maps.


These are used copies surplus to the requirements of the Library.


Prepared by Llewellyn-Davies, Weeks, Forestier-Walker and Bor, main consultants to MKDC.

Milton Keynes Development Corporation, 1970

2 vol, xiii, xviii, 356pp, 136 illus, 3 maps

Vol. 1 & 2 £30.00
Vol. 2 £15.00


If you would like to order a copy of The Plan for Milton Keynes please download a copy of the order form and return, with payment, to the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre.


Front cover of The Plan for Milton Keynes




Volume One


List of figures
List of tables
Chapter I. Background to Milton Keynes
Chapter II. The aims and methods of the plan
Chapter III. The proposals in summary
Chapter IV. The financial appraisal of the plan
Chapter V. The first ten years
Note on Volume Two


Volume Two


List of figures
List of tables
Chapter VI. Background
Chapter VII. The interim report
Chapter VIII. Managing the growth of Milton Keynes
Chapter IX. Population predictions
Chapter X. Employment

Chapter XI. Housing
Chapter XII. Community services
Chapter XIII. Shopping and commercial services
Chapter XIV. The development of the physical proposals
Chapter XV. Transport
Chapter XVI. Environment and places
Chapter XVII. Agriculture
Chapter XVIII. Engineering services
Glossary to Volumes One and Two
Index to Volumes One and Two