The New Town heritage Explorers Project is an exciting design and heritage project. It will develop a New Town Heritage toolkit and bring the city’s design heritage to life with an innovative creative programme.

The project will explore and document the social history of MK – the stories of the people who live here, the impact of the buildings on daily life, what is it really like to live in a city built from scratch.

The project will produce a heritage toolkit to enable local communities to:

•         Use the city’s archives to find out about  the history of where they live,

•         Assess the city’s architectural and heritage character:   what has worked well, and what not so well?

•         Put forward buildings that could go on the New Town Heritage Register and

•         Shape the city’s future planning and growth.

The creative programme will involve children, young people and communities to animate the design heritage of the city through a series of innovative activities and events.