Milton Keynes has never stood still and has will continue to grow into the future with maybe even 400,000+ people living here by 2050. But its oldest areas – the original new town – needs some regeneration and investment too.

As heritage specialists we want to know from people living there what they think of the place where they live, what they want to keep and what might change to make their place better.

In 2019, Milton Keynes Council, and its partner Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, secured a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £70,100, thanks to National Lottery players, for this project to enable us to do just that.

So if you are interested in how we can help your community, school or group read our project mission below and explore our other pages for activities and events where you can get involved.

The New Town Heritage Explorers Project Mission is to:

  1. Support the New Town Heritage Register to celebrate and recognise our internationally important heritage as an example for other New Towns in the UK and Europe to follow;
  2. Develop a New Town Heritage Toolkit to help residents and community groups explore their new town heritage designed areas;
  3. Provide heritage training and skills in mapping and understanding their modern architectural design heritage, explore their views on the future of their estate and how this heritage around them supports that future;
  4. Engage young people in the exploration of new Town Heritage through our Young Explorers and Online MK Explorers Strands.
  5. Support the city’s flagship A Festival of Creative Urban Living to showcase this Design City heritage internationally.
  6. Develop and deliver other events, exhibitions, talks and other creative activity to animate and profile MK’s New Town Heritage as part of an ‘International Design City’ Programme;