No Corners Here

The concept for the project was to explore the impact of African and Asian influences on Milton Keynes’ unique architectural design heritage and to look at what buildings in Milton Keynes reflect these influences. 

A series of workshops with young people was held at Shenley Brook End over some weeks to discuss New Town heritage.

Led by Global Outreach Foundation MK, the workshops discussed what New Town heritage meant to the young people.

The development of the eco-structure came out these series of organic conversations with the group.

Interestingly, young people started to include and interweave current issues such as community cohesion, belonging and acceptance and the impact of climate change.

What started to emerge was the idea for the development of a structure to encompass the inclusivity of MK communities.  Constructed as a rounded structure where everyone is welcome, and where there are no divisions or hierarchal structures, No Corners Here is aptly named.  

The use of plastic bags is used to reflect and highlight the impact of plastic on the environment and illustrates how the recycling aspect, an important part of the New Town ethos, can be used as a productive covering.

YouTube video – The Making of No Corners Here