Become an MK explorer

The New Town Heritage Explorers project wants to explore and document the social history of MK – the stories of the people who live here, the impact of the buildings on daily life, what is it really like to live in a city built from scratch? We want to capture your views on its buildings, parks and even its roundabouts!

The New Town Heritage Explorers project is an opportunity to volunteer to be part of an exciting design and heritage project to develop a New Town Heritage toolkit. The toolkit will enable local community groups to:

  • Find out about the history of where you live, using the city’s great archives
  • Assess its character today – what has worked well, or what are the great, good, bad and ugly bits,
  • Make recommendations about how an area could be improved and preserved,
  • Capture the character of their own neighbourhoods and shape their future planning.

Volunteers will:

  • Research the history of an area
  • Help host a workshop in a local community centre
  • Do a survey walk to test the draft toolkit on a place that you know
  • Take photos or videos of local places that are important or need improvement
  • Draw diagrams by hand or by computer.

All contributions are welcome – whether one afternoon or evening, or more regularly. This is your opportunity to make your views and thoughts on being a citizen of MK heard!

For more information about the project and to register as a volunteer, please contact the project manager, Pamela Roberts.