We will be hosting a series of workshops to produce the toolkit during September, October, November and December.

What will the workshop involve?

The workshops will involve some or all the following aspects depending on which workshop you sign up for

  • Researching the history of an area
  • Helping to host a workshop in a local community centre
  • Doing a survey walk to test the draft toolkit on a place that you know
  • Taking photos or videos of local places that are important or need improvement
  • Taking notes and writing up workshops and survey walks
  • Drawing diagrams by hand or by computer
  • Showing others how to use the toolkit to draw up a ‘design code’ or guidelines for the area

How can you get involved?

We are looking for volunteers – either as individuals or groups – to be involved in different ways and stages of the development of the toolkit.   All contributions are welcome – whether one afternoon or evening or more regularly.

Please contact us and let us know what kind of contribution you could make, and we will get back in touch. Thank you!