Young explorers

Become a Virtual MK Explorer!

With all of us having had our lives changed by the Coronavirus crisis in recent months, our project has had to go online, and we need your help as a Virtual MK Explorer!

We have created some fun activities for you using social media, any smart device and some resources, tools and tips for you to research and go out and explore your local new town area and the diverse heritage it offers.

You will help others learn more about the heritage where you live, what you think about it and what you might want to see in future.  In return you could be part of our online exhibition and even win some cool prizes!

For more information, go to our Get Involved page now!

What’s coming up in Autumn 2020:

New Town Toolkit Video Tours and Trails Workshop

Want to test our New Town Heritage Toolkit in your local area in a fun way? Want to learn some filming and video skills? Are you curious about history or what made places what they are today?

If you are, then tell your teachers or youth group leaders to contact us now and get booked in for our Autumn Workshops, which will be designed with you, to meet all government guidance around Covid – 19.

These workshops will take place in different areas and we will help you to:

Find out about your MK story What’s been going on in MK during your lifetime, and what brought you and your family here?

Pinpoint your favourite MK place and why Does it have special memories for you, or make you feel excited, or maybe it’s a perfect place to meet up with other people?

Capture the character of where you live  What makes the area great, and what could be better?  Can you use the Toolkit to explain to others what’s important to you and other local people, and what needs to change?

Get more involved in planning the city’s future How can you get your ideas heard, and who needs to hear it?

Work out how you find your way in MK Do you look for signs, buildings, plants or road names to work out where you are? What are the important landmarks in your area?Draw or write about a day in your ideal New Town of the future How will people get about? What will their homes be like? Will they go out to work and shop or do everything online or have robots? What will people do for fun? What will children and young people think of your vision?